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Stage Door: A few minutes with BREACH’s David Nehls

NOAH JORDAN    -  303 MAGAZINE       4/27/2011

David Nehls, the music and lyric creator of BREACH, is bringing something new to your typical rock-musical. What that is, nobody can be sure because the world premiere is just around the corner. What we do know is that with a track record like his (he was the man responsible for The Great American Trailer Park Musical), an awesome team of musicians, and other Denver heavy hitters like Nick Sugar and Amanda Earls, he could show us a musical called, Killer Wigs from Outer Space and we’d eat it up…oh wait, that is his next project and we’re already chomping at the bit to know more. But back to the topic at hand, we caught up with Nehls to talk about Breach and just him in general.


Tough, troubled rock musical a “Breach” from Broadway fare

JOHN MOORE  - The Denver Post     5/18/2011

“Breach” is a tough-talking new musical with a punk-rock attitude that’s as in-your-face as its evident shortcomings.

This modern variation on “A Star is Born” for the “American Idol” generation is ...


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